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SpacePak PurePak replacement filter pads for your SpacePak PurePak air cleaners.

Shipping is delayed about 2-3 weeks, but if you need a pad right away, just let us know in the special instructions during checkout and we'll get one to you as soon as possible at no additional charge.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to experience high demand for our products.


See below for part numbers to help order the correct size

Electro Breeze brand replacement media pads for the SpacePak PurePak air cleaner units

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Yellow filter pads?

You wanted yellow filter pads, you've got them!  We are now shipping yellow filter pads because you asked for them.  Click here to see our statement on changing to the yellow filter pads.

Quantity discounts on SpacePak PurePak replacement filter pads.
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All replacement pads manufactured by Electro Breeze to meet or exceed  the high quality standards that you expect from the original manufacturer.


Beware of imitators

SpacePak PurePak air cleaners are manufactured by Dynamic AQS.  Here is the SpacePak PurePak air cleaner owners manual.

All Electro Breeze air cleaner pads are made from verified materials tested and designed especially for polarized media air cleaners like the SpacePak PurePak air cleaners.

     By purchasing the SpacePak PurePak air filter, you have improved your indoor air quality immensely.  However, our customers have told us that the original pads from SpacePak are not sized well and allow for leakage around the edges of the pads.  When you order here, we will send you the correct size SpacePak PurePak replacement media air filter pads to help improve your units performance.  Our affordable pricing on SpacePak PurePak replacement media air filter pads helps keep your ongoing maintenance costs in line.


Media part numbers for the SpacePak PurePak:

45W27RWG0037-02 for the AC-RBC-2 (appx 14.5x25.5)

45W27RWG0037-03 for the AC-RBC-3 (appx 14.5x30.5)

45W27RWG0037-04 for the AC-RBC-5 (appx 14.5x36.5)

SpacePak PurePak replacement filter pads

To help you order the correct size, look for these numbers on your SpacePak unit:

ESP-2430 for the AC-RBC-2

ESP-3642 for the AC-RBC-3

ESP-4860 for the AC-RBC-5

Why do these replacement pads seem so expensive?
Consider that an Ultra Allergen pleated filter costs about $18-$25 with an efficiency of 20% at 0.3 microns, while the Electro Breeze air cleaners are 97% efficient down to 0.3 microns at a cost of about $15 per pad.

SpacePak PurePak air cleaner replacement filter pads

$12.50 FLAT RATE SHIPPING for the entire order!

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