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     Time and again we hear stories of high pressure sales, uninformed purchases and exorbitant pricing for products that may not be necessary.  What makes matters worse is that these “trusted” contractors are competing for your dollars.  Not all contractors are in this group, but some are leveraging your ignorance and fear to get them closer to their goal.  Their goal was a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 2009.  This was the last year that they posted their contests publicly.
     Air Life has spent the last twenty-plus years educating our customers so they understand the value of what they have purchased.  By purchasing through Air Life, our customers have saved a ton of money on their maintenance costs for their units.  Air Life is always available to answer questions and never tries to up-sell you.  Our GOAL is to serve you and be a source of help whenever you think of indoor air quality.

Are you helping your contractor win a Harley?

Your highest compliment is the referral of friends and family.  Thank you for your trust!

Our mission is to rescue the victims of abusive high pressure sales by empowering them with information, rewarding them with savings and retaining them with customer service.

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