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Another ‘Dynamic’ Success Story!

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     Modern sealed buildings come in all sizes and have a common enemy - poor air quality! Since installing Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaners to replace older 'cell' type filters, the management of this building now enjoy a dramatic improvement in their air quality. Dynamic electronic air cleaners have permanently solved their air quality issues and virtually eliminated occupant complaints and have increased their energy savings! Installing Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaners pays off with big dividends! Two of the main air handling units cleaning 60,000 cubic feet per minute! Since installing Dynamic commercial electronic  air cleaners the following observations were made:

  • The air in the building is much better and easier to breathe.

  • There is a significant reduction in the amount of dust.

  • No more buildup of odors from the office machinery.

  • Allergy sensitive employees reported no more symptoms

  • Dynamic cleaners use less energy than old 'Cell' type filters.

  • Maintenance staff uses less time dealing with Dynamic cleaners.

  • Staff now can control air flow AND maintain high efficiency.

  • "A superior filtration product with wide ranging applications".

Two of the main air handling units cleaning 60,000 cubic feet per minute!


Special purpose application air handler


Made-to-order custom sized air cleaners


Electro Breeze Air Cleaners

Electro Breeze 1 Inch Air Cleaner Panel


Electro Breeze DMUV Kit

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