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You can bet on Dynamic electronic air cleaners!

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     One of the considerations the management of Harrah's considered when putting together a first rate entertainment facility was the quality of the air their patrons would be breathing. In their quest to please their guests, Harrah's chose Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaners to improve the air quality within their establishment.


     It wasn't a gamble when Harrah's installed Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaners! Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaning systems have an enviable reputation for making the grade when it comes to a clean environment.

HVAC units with Dynamic high efficiency electronic air cleaners


Rows of Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaners

     Behind the action and up on the roof you can see a little closer inside the HVAC units. Shown in the picture are rows of Dynamic electronic air cleaners hard at work cleaning the air inside Harrah's.

     The Dynamic electronic air cleaning systems are far and away superior in performance to conventional cell or bag type systems. If your facility needs clean air don't take a chance on losing, chose Dynamic first!


     This arrangement of Dynamic panels works well at eliminating those unwanted airborne pollutants and allergens. The Dynamic system is easy to maintain and cost effective.

The Payoff!

     The payoff for using Dynamic commercial electronic air cleaners is a cleaner, neater, safer and much more enjoyable environment for the patrons.


Electro Breeze Air Cleaners

Electro Breeze 1 Inch Air Cleaner Panel


Electro Breeze DMUV Kit

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