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When it comes to IAQ, the Klondike Casino & Hotel “Clears the Air!”

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     Located at the start of the famed Las Vegas Strip, the Klondike Casino and Hotel has long been a popular stop for travelers and locals alike looking for a smaller, more intimate alternative to the mega-casinos springing up through out the area. In fact, walking through he doors of the Klondike, one has a nostalgic feeling that this is what the old Las Vegas was really like.

     John Woodrum, the owner of the Klondike, remarks "most of my customers have been coming here for years. They see the Klondike as a neighborhood type of casino, a place where, for a few hours, they can relax, put their cares and concerns aside and just enjoy themselves.


     But times do change and like casinos, restaurants and hotels everywhere, the Klondike, facing a growing list of comments and complaints from both customers and employees, had to address the hot button issue of smoking and indoor air quality.

     Michael Woodrum, John's son and Director of Casino Operations, indicated "we were hearing more and more complaints about smoke, particularly at the swing shift, where there often was a haze in the air. Customers would talk about the staleness and the smoky smell on their clothes."  John Woodrum added, "many of our customers are older, with health problems and I'm also concerned about our employees, so I knew we had to do something about air quality and we had to do it fast."

     After an extensive review, the Klondike's solution was to remove the disposable one and two inch filters in their air handling system and replace them with Dynamic Air Cleaners.  These patented, state-of-the-art air cleaners feature an unparalleled efficiency, catching and removing smoke particulates, odors and contaminants that can pass right through other filters. This effectiveness also allows the Klondike to minimize the need for outside air-saving the cost of bringing the Nevada desert air down to a comfortable temperature. Further, unlike other high efficiency alternatives, the installation of the Dynamics caused no increased restriction to air flow and therefore required no rework of the air handlers.

     Working with the Las Vegas area representatives, the Klondike quickly and easily installed over 40 one inch and two inch filters throughout the facility. The results have been immediate and dramatic.

     John Woodrum couldn't be more pleased, "When we decide to tackle this air quality issue, we looked at all kinds of solutions, over 50 different systems, including ones that were less expensive. What sold us was the simplicity of the system and its efficiency. Let me tell you, these filters really work.”


     “Everyone notices a big difference and even my employees have said there's been a great change. But don't take my word for it, just ask my customers."

     Indeed, on a typical night at the Klondike, a quick sample of visitors to the Klondike turns up a comments such as, "I come here every day and I'm a smoker, but sometimes it was even tough on me. Now the air just seems cleaner," or these words from a non-smoker "I recently went to another casino, but had to leave because of all the smoke. I've been wondering what the change was (here at the Klondike), because there's no smokers' residue."

     Dynamic Air Cleaners have given The Klondike measurably better air quality and made John Woodrum a true believer. In fact he's breaking ground soon on a new residence and plans to put Dynamic Air Cleaners there as well.

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