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V-Bank Electronic Air Cleaning System

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     The Dynamic V-bank commercial electronic air cleaning system is a revolutionary new design with appeal to commercial and institutional clients who manage large office buildings and commercial complexes. The object behind the V-bank is to maximize economies of operation in air handling systems. By using V-banks, energy savings and cleaning efficiency is dramatically enhanced due to the increased filtration surface.


Increased cleaning surface and lower resistance equals greater cleaning efficiency

     The V-bank electronic air cleaning system instead of being just a flat vertical surface is shaped in a V enabling the air passing through to be exposed to a greater surface area thereby lowering the resistance as well as increasing the electronic air cleaning efficiency. These V-banks are typically inserted into conventional filter racks to replace older style less efficiency bag and cell type filters.


Single V-Bank Filter module


Series of V-Bank cleaners with pre-filters (yellow)

     The Dynamic electronic air cleaners which are incorporated into the V-Bank filter system are the same units that perform at HEPA efficiency levels on a multi-pass basis. Dynamic V-banks have very low resistance to air flow and will provide significant improvement in energy savings and filter replacements over regular filter systems.

     In many cases where the air quality is a challenge it is recommended that a pre-filter be used to capture the obvious air particulate and leave the job to Dynamic electronic air cleaner V-banks to do the rest. this combination is a powerful solution to the issue of indoor air quality in sealed buildings. If you are unfamiliar with Dynamic products and the V-bank take the time to call and find out the whole story - you'll be amazed!


Pre-filters extend the life of the Dynamic electronic air cleaner pillow pads


     The V-bank system has proved itself in significantly reducing operating costs in large buildings, casinos (see here), hospitals, universities, office towers etc. Several unique technologies converge together in the V-bank system and the result is increased air flow, greatly improved cleaning efficiency, reduced energy costs, and healthier, happier occupants.


Open V-Bank assembly without pre-filters

If you are looking for more information on an alternate for the Dynamic V8 for your quotes, click on this link

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Electro Breeze DMUV Kit

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