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Why paper filters are only 2% efficient

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Why most air filters are inadequate
The primary reason why most air filters are grossly inadequate is because they were never designed to protect people but hardware from dust particles! Consequently their efficiency is unsuitable for protecting your family from unwanted indoor air pollutants.

The second reason why most air filters are inadequate is because they are passive and don't have an electronically induced charge which causes the cleaner to act as a powerful attractant to all airborne particulate, big or small. Without the electrical charge the majority of particles which are submicron in size just blow by the filter.

The third reason why air filters are generally found to be inadequate is because the efficiency standards by which efficiency is generally measured only takes into account the weight or volume of particles removed. For example if we filtered a golf ball from the room, current standards would suggest you have essentially a close to 100% efficient filter. That would be true by weight or volume. However, in any cubic foot of air there are millions of submicron sized particles many of which contribute to human health issues. Therefore the object lesson in all this should be to remove as many particles as possible from the air not just the few heavy particles. To achieve greater efficiency an induced electrical charge to draw out as many particles as is possible is helpful and needed.


Would you buy a 2% efficient filter?
It's not likely that you would intentionally go out and purchase a 2% efficient filter to protect yourself from contaminants in the air you breathe. For reasons stated above, the majority of air filters capture relatively few of the total number of airborne particles that are actually in the air. Most filters capture somewhere in the neighborhood of only 2% of the actual number of particles in a given sample of air. One issue is the low standard of efficiency measurement by which air filters are filtering mostly the larger sized particles and not the vast number of smaller particles. Electronic air cleaners generally are far more efficient than conventional filters, however, between electronic air cleaner technologies there are major differences in efficiency. We endorse and recommend Dynamic electronic air cleaners which have an tested and proven track record of ultra high efficiency performance within demanding environments and situations.

What You Can't See Can Harm You!
The quality of the air you breathe is very important. The air your breathe affects the way you feel. The air you breathe has a direct pathway into your body and an effect on your health and general well-being. It is an established fact that poor air-quality is linked to poor health and a variety of health related issues, including irritated eyes, nose and throat, headaches, fatigue, allergies, asthma, respiratory problems, the spreading of diseases and even cancer.

Eliminating the threats of airborne pathogens associated with poor air-quality leads to better air and health for you and your family. One thing air pollutants have in common is they are very small, usually less than 3 microns. (micron=1/25,000th inch). A strand of hair is about 150 microns). This is the size range for the majority of particles in the air we breathe. Of the 20 million or so particles in 1 cubic foot of air, 92% are below 0.5 microns!! These unseen particles are a real threat to your health. An allergy sufferer can tell you, what you don't see can harm you!

To properly clean the air your breathe, sub-micron particles must be eliminated from the air you breathe. DYNAMIC electronic air cleaners are proven to remove at least 98% of these particles on a multiple pass basis.  Due to the technology and ultra high efficiency of Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners the efficiency actually increases as the media filter pads load with air pollutants from the air in your home or office!


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