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Commercial HVAC Applications

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     Dynamic electronic air cleaners are used where there is a need for greater efficiency and a demand for cleaner air requirements.  These unique electronic air cleaners are found in hospitals (see opposite), nursing homes, office towers, and as a compliment to existing HVAC devices where increased air flow, greater efficiency and energy savings are critical factors.



     Installation of Dynamic HVAC panels does not require any major conversion to existing HVAC units. Generally they replace existing low efficiency media filters.  An electrical connection is made into the HVAC power source to provide the low wattage necessary to power the induced polarization technology behind these high efficiency air cleaners.

     Dynamic electronic air cleaners use a high air flow media to which is applied a safe high voltage, low watt induced electrical charge which causes the entire media to become polarized.  The result is that the media acts like a magnet to the particulate in the air and as can be seen opposite provides dramatic results in high efficiency air filtration.


Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaner Panels


     Dynamic HVAC electronic air cleaners are powerful and will effectively trap harmful airborne pathogens; bacteria, molds and viruses as well as dust, pollen, dirt, tobacco smoke, odors (with optional activated charcoal 'Pillow Pack') and a host of other unseen particulate.


  • High quality aluminum frame construction
  • Available sizes in 1" and 2" wide
  • Easy hook up to HVAC 24V control panel
  • Completely noiseless operation
  • Highly effective and efficiency induced polarization
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Convenient replaceable filter media "pillow packs"
  • Standard & custom sizes available
  • Replaces existing filters, no costly installation


  • Electrical Input : 24 VAC
  • ANSI/UL Std. No. 867 (2nd Ed.) - Electrostatic Air Cleaners
  • CSA Std C22.2 No. 187-M1986 - Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electro Breeze Air Cleaners

Electro Breeze 1 Inch Air Cleaner Panel


Electro Breeze DMUV Kit

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