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Retrofit your current air cleaner with the Electro Breeze air cleaner

Retrofit the Electro Breeze air cleaner using your old electronic air cleaner box

     Many of our customers have installed the Electro Breeze air cleaner where they used to have the old style electronic air cleaners on their air handling system.  We have even replaced the Dynamic air filters with the Electro Breeze air cleaner, which is a simple sliding out of the Dynamic air filters and sliding in the Electro Breeze.  You don't even have to change the wire for hook-up.  The Electro Breeze air cleaner uses the same plug for hook-up as the Dynamic air filters.


     As you can see above, all you have to provide for the retrofit is a 1" slot in your filter box.  If that is inside an old electronic air cleaner box, just give us the actual dimensions of the slot and we can make that custom size air cleaner for you at no extra charge.

     Many of our customers use metal drywall corner bead as a bracket for making the 1" slot.  It is easy to cut and screw into place.  Just find a face on the inside of the old air cleaner box for the air cleaner to lean against and then place the corner bead 1" away from that face for your filter slot.  All you have left is to figure out where to run the wire for the hook-up.

As always, if you need any help or ideas, just call 800-916-7873

Retrofit the Electro Breeze air cleaner for overhead grills

     We also have many customers who have an overhead intake grill for their air handling system and having to juggle the air cleaner while they are on a ladder does not work well.  Below is an idea and a great option for those with overhead intake grills for their air handling system.


The idea above was used for a customer who had already ordered a regular Electro Breeze air cleaner and had to retrofit for overhead.

     Electro Breeze also offers the Front Load style of electronic air cleaner that would make the retrofit easier, since the filter frame is designed to open with the hinge on the bottom instead of the side.  This makes opening and closing easier when it is overhead.

As always, if you need any help or ideas, just call 800-916-7873

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