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Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners

Dynamic Panels
Combining low pressure drop with ease of installation, Dynamic Panels can retrofit into virtually all residential and commercial HVAC systems, providing high efficiency air cleaning where none was practical before.

Dynamic and Electro-Breeze Air Cleaners exceed the standards for the American Lung Association Health House Program

Check out "How to get the most from your Dynamic Air Cleaner and the Dynamic replacement filters"



     Due to manufacturers restrictions, custom sizes are not available for the Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners.  We would recommend the Electro Breeze Electronic Air Cleaner in its place.  The Electro Breeze has a sturdier build and is more affordable.

     Included when you buy Dynamic Air Cleaners: 1” Dynamic Air Cleaner Panel, 2 replacement pads, installation instructions, 90-day satisfaction guarantee, 5 year power head warranty.

Dynamic Air Cleaners Standard Size

$695.00 each


Dynamic Air Cleaners Oversize

(any size over 577 sq inches)

$695.00 each


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