Air purifier - dynamic filter replacement, dynamic air cleaners. We sell & install air purification systems using dynamic air cleaners, dynamic replacement filters & ultraviolet purification systems.


Electro-Breeze Replacement Filters are interchangeable with Dynamic Replacement Filters and


Dynamic and Electro-Breeze Air Cleaners exceed the standards for the American Lung Association Health House Program

The Best Choice of Customer and Engineer
Tested and Medical Device Registered
Air Purifiers, DYNAMIC Air Cleaners, UV Light
Air Purifiers, Smoke Eaters, Dynamic Replacement Filters and Electro Breeze Replacement Filters available at the
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Including second hand smoke we are experienced in solving Indoor Air Quality Issues and we put our eleven years plus of hands on customer satisfaction to work for you. Our ability to assist you to install the proper air purifier equipment to meet your specific needs is unequaled. Our service doesn’t end there as we insist on tweaking your application to get the maximum out your new investment. This is part of our service on every purchase long after the guarantee expires.

INSTALLATION?  YES, we will even arrange for installation in your city if needed!

Since 1993 the Air Life team has been assisting people just like you with the proper application of whole house Dynamic Air Cleaners, Furnace HEPA Units, UV Lights, Air Purifiers, Smoke Eaters and synergistic combinations of all the products you see listed and some not listed due to manufacturer requirements. All of this to save you from having to do costly individual room air cleaning. We pride ourselves in saving you money with various whole house systems and combinations that work best for you!

With our whole house electronic air cleaners as low as $345.00 you can have exceptionally clean air, bacteria protection and odor reduction. Sound too good to be true? Call now for a free home evaluation and consultation. 1-800-916-7873

Professional laser particle counters and laboratory certified bacteria/virus testing reveals what combination of our air purifier technologies deliver the purest air.

Air that delivers Life!

Roger Ferguson has put his 20 years of engineering product testing, consulting and problem solving to work for you to determine which technologies best solve today’s complex indoor air pollution problems. No more CONFUSION about claims and tests done by the manufacturers in laboratories not real home and office settings. Second hand smoke is deadly and we can remove it all.

Dear Friend,
As an engineer I need hard data to substantiate claims of efficiencies. I have discovered and will send you data revealing that any
paper with holes technology, (which is most of the market) excepting UV and electronic air cleaners, captures only 2% or less of the total particle count in the home environments we all live in 90% of the time.

As I discover new or better air purifier technology on any level I immediately let my chemically sensitive client base know and we arrange for an in home trial. This direct feedback method has earned the trust of our clients but more importantly has allowed Air Life to remain on the cutting edge of the air purifier industry for eleven years. Our technologies are currently used in hospitals, universities, gaming casinos, office buildings and all manner of commercial, industrial environments around the world.

My Pledge to You

I will work with, you as I have been doing for years with our thousands of satisfied customers, to determine the air purification product or products that will work best together for you in your home. I will listen and ask the right questions to determine what is environmentally going on in your home. We have actually solved many problems by advising the removal of certain environmental issues in a home that conflict with each other and the individual, without the customer having to purchase anything.

As always you will have 90 days to determine if you are satisfied or if indeed what you have purchased is working to meet your needs. If not you merely send the product back and I will refund your money.

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to view this Indoor Air Quality, Dynamic Air Cleaner and Second Hand Smoke information.

Best Regards,

Roger Ferguson, P.E.

P.S. We have information that we will gladly send you immediately to help you eliminate the confusion of the comparing of technologies, and their costs. Click here to request information.)



Duct Mount UV Kit
with Panel

Whole House Air Cleaners

Replacement Filters





90 Day
Satisfaction Guarantee!


Replacement Filters


Sun-Pure SP-20C
Air Purifier


Sun-Pure SP-20 Ultraviolet Home Air Purifier


Smoke Eater
model OH-1010



Easy Installation!

Glenn Haege
"America's Handyman"

"super efficient electronic
air cleaners can help you breathe easier"...

Air Life
Environmental Products
is accredited by the
Better Business Bureau


Under $250.00
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Millenium UV 401-16
H.V.A.C. Germicidal UV Air Purifier



AirPal Spectra comes in
 two models - Ozone and non-ozone








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Air purifier - dynamic filter replacement, dynamic air cleaners. We sell & install air purification systems using dynamic air cleaners, dynamic replacement filters & ultraviolet purification systems.