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Choosing the right Commercial Smoke Eater

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Below are are few questions that will help you choose the right smoke eater for your application.  As always, if you have questions about choosing the right smoke eater, just call 800-916-7873 and we will be glad to help.

What type of smoke are you trying to get rid of?

     If it is cigarette or vapor, you may want to look at the Smokemaster C-12 or Smokemaster X-11Q electronic air cleaners.  If you prefer not to spend time on maintenance regularly, you may want to consider the EverClear CM-11 or MiracleAir CM-12 media air cleaners.  For smoke with heavy odors, such as cigars, hookah or medical marijuana, you will need the EverClear CM-11 Deluxe or the MiracleAir CM-12 Deluxe media air cleaners.

How do you plan to mount the air cleaner?

     If you have a drop-ceiling with enough clearance above, you may want to look at the Smokemaster X-11Q,  the EverClear CM-11 or the Everclear CM-11 Deluxe.  If you need to mount to the face of the ceiling, you may choose the Smokemaster C-12, the MiracleAir CM-12 or the MiracleAir CM-12 Deluxe.

In order for any of these machines to operate effectively, they must be maintained properly.  How often do I want to do maintenance?

     For those who operate a business that allows for regular maintenance, such as bars and restaurants, you will expect to maintain the electronic air cleaners about once a week.  For those who would rather spend less time maintaining there units, but don’t mind the extra cost, the media units have long lasting main filters that last about one year, while the carbon gets changed out about every 6-8 months.

How many machines will I need?

Using the calculator below, you can figure your CFM requirements.  Then move down to the chart below the calculator to figure out how many machines you will need.  We recommend that you estimate with the machines operating on medium so that they will be the most effective during normal operations, plus have capacity for your special events when your business is crowded.

CFM required = Length of room x Width x Height x ACH (air changes per hour) / 60 min

Enter - L - Length of your room measured in feet L =
Enter - W - Width of your room measured in feet W =
Enter - H - Height of your room measured in feetH =
Enter - ACH - Air Changes per Hour - from table ACH =
Amount of CFM required - CFM =

 Air Changes per Hour (ACH)

  6    Light          General Offices, Computer Rooms
  8   Average      Conference Rooms, Break Rooms, Designated Smoking Areas
12   Heavy         Bingo Halls, Extra Smokey Areas

Quantity of Air Cleaners = Amount of CFM required / Air Cleaner CFM Capacity

It is our recommendation that you use the values for Medium capacity for two reasons.

  1. The machines are more efficient at slower speeds and less noisy.
  2. If you need to run them at high speed to keep up with normal conditions, you will not be able to keep up during special events where you would have larger crowds.  Many of our customers report increased customer count just by adding smoke air cleaners to their businesses.
CFM - Amount of CFM required from calculator above CFM =
CFM Capacity - Air Cleaner CFM Capacity - from table below Capacity =
Quantity of Air Cleaners required Quantity =

Air Cleaner CFM Capacity





















Calculators and charts used by permission from Air Quality Engineering, Incorporated.

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